Club Track & Field Championships Day One

Today is the first day of Leigh Harriers & AC own track and field championships; the events are decided over three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4/5/6 July with the first track event starting at 6.30pm Tuesday with the U9 75mts and the first field event 6.15 pm Hammer.

Timetable of Events

Tuesday 4th July 2017

6.30 pm      75 mts Heats/Final           U9 BG U11 BG U13 BG

6.45 pm      100 mts Heats/Final        U13 B U15 B U17 BG U20 MF Senior MF

7.00 pm     600 mts                    U9 BG U11 BG

7.10 pm      800 mts                   U13 BG U15 BG U17 BG Senior MF

7.30 pm     Sprint Finals all ages.

Field Events

6.15 pm     Hammer                  U15 U17 U20 Senior MF

6.45 pm    Long Jump              U9 U11 BG

7.00 pm   High Jump               U13 BG U15 BG

7.30 pm   Javelin                      U17 U20 Seniors MF

 Results Leigh Harriers T&F Champs 2017   Day One