Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of kit should my child be wearing to athletics training?

A: Running shoes quite simply are a must for any type of athletics training. Typically this should mean a reasonable set of trainers, with good heal and forefoot cushioning; laces are preferable to velcro, zips or other fastening. Don’t break the bank as we all know kids grow out of their shoes fast, but be aware that flat soled shoes like Converse All Star or plimsolls will not provide the required support that young runners need to avoid injury. Similarly, football astroturf trainers are not designed for use as running shoes (they are meant for gripping turf over short bursts) and will not support the forefoot and heel as well as a decent set of running shoes.

As far as clothing is concerned, depending on the time of year a tracksuit with shorts and a t-shirt or vest underneath will usually suffice. Young athletes often like to under-dress, but for the purposes of injury prevention and good habits, it is preferable for members to have two layers so that they do not cool down too quickly following a session and will warm up properly before it.

Similarly, shorts or cycling shorts are preferable for running as loose clothing like tracksuit bottoms can be a hindrance to performance and potentially dangerous if a foot gets caught in fabric.

Q: Do I have to wear running spikes?

A: There are no hard and fast rules on this. Running spikes are essential for competition athletes beyond the age of about 14, but younger athletes may prefer not to use them all the time. They are not essential to use for training, and some runners may prefer to stay in trainers. The truth however is that people run faster in spikes so if you want to get moving, you’ll probably end up wearing them one way or another!

Q: Do I have to compete for Leigh Harriers?

A: We would like all of the athletes who train with us to compete in one way or another for the club, whether that is for our Youth Development League or Senior squads, or at one of the many open meetings which take place at clubs (including Leigh) around the region. Please feel free to talk to your coach about what will work best for you – the main thing to remember is that training and competing should be fun; whichever event you do.

Q: Where is the Leigh Harriers athletics stadium?

Leigh Harriers Athletics Club is situated at the Leigh Sports Village complex. For visitors and athletes competing at our track, please use car parks 8,9 & 10. To download a parking map of Leigh Sports Village, Click Here.